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It is important to myrtle beach and James & Nicholson to sen-
            sibly process raw materials that have already been used instead
            of always entering new ones into the production cycle.
            In this way, environmental pollution can be reduced and
            unnecessary waste can be avoided. Therefore, with the majority
            of their new workwear collection, the two brands use recycled
            polyester, which is reclaimed from plastic bottles. The bottles
            are cleaned, melted and spun into yarn. For example, the work-
            wear trousers JN1812 contains PET bottles - and organic cotton.
            A classic example of 100% sustainable fabric as well as 100%
            Jacket, T-shirt / polo shirt or pants: All the items made of or
            containing recycled polyester are as high-quality, breathable
            and hard-wearing as the previous ones. Both the yarn produc-
            tion and the adherence to the quality standards are regularly
            checked by the independent laboratory LABTECH.




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             Recyled polyester can be found on the following pages:
             26, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 138, 142, 164, 166 and 203.

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