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                                              Function. Style. Sustainability – in cor-
                                              porate workwear James & Nicholson and
                                              myrtle beach are among the best-known
                                              and most popular brands.

                                              With their huge variety of colors and sizes as well as their vast selec-
                                              tion, both brands are convincing all along the line – at work and
                                              during leisure time! By regularly developing new products, we gua-
                                              rantee that the product lines are always up to date, both functionally
                                              and visually.

                                              Therefore, the collection comprises stylish jackets with a water co-
                                              lumn of 10,000 mm and cordura insets as well as polo shirts in a
                                              multitude of colors and sturdy caps. Workwear pants fascinate you
                                              with cuts and sizes for any build – great looks and optimum freedom
                                              of movement are guaranteed by a higher stretch factor.
                                              The great advantage: All the collections are perfectly matched in color
                                              for a perfect corporate appearance and can be combined with each
                                              other. The consistent style and cool details make the corporate outfit a
                                              reliable companion, which everybody likes wearing even after work.
                                              However, James & Nicholson and myrtle beach not only set store by
                                              high functionality and good looks, the inner values of a product are
                                              just as important. The proportion of products made of sustainable fa-
                                              brics has been on the increase for years. There are pants and T-shirts
                                              made of  organic cotton or recycled polyester. Instead of downs a
                                              DuPont™Sorona - padding is used. Moreover, all the textiles are ma-
                                              nufactured according to the criteria of OCS, REACH and STANDARD 100
                                              by OEKO-TEX  and they are regularly checked.
                                              Another benefit of James & Nicholson and myrtle beach: extremely
                                              short delivery periods due to a stock availability of approximately 98%.

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