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                 MADE WITH


                  SOCIAL COMPLIANCE                                QUALITY STANDARD                                                OCS STANDARD
                  As members of the ‚BSCI/Business Social Compliance   The merchandise is regularly tested by certified tes-       When manufacturing garments
                  Initiative‘ we commit ourselves to implementing the   ting institutes in the countries of production regar-      of myrtle beach and JAMES &
                  BSCI code of conduct as part of our business rela-  ding the given parameter. Moreover, in cooperation           NICHOLSON, the Organic Content
                  tions with our manufacturers and thus to improving   with SGS, Testex, Hohenstein and other renowned             Standard is a standard for verifying
                  the working conditions within our supply chain and   institutes the quality is continually controlled.           and tracking the exact content of
                  to producing our textiles fairly. This includes our clear                                                        organically grown materials in a
                  commitment to the empoyees’ right to freedom of   STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX      ®                                final product.
                                                                                                                                                                                 ORGANIC BLENDED  ORGANIC BLENDED
                  assembly, protection against discrimination, and an   This standard guarantees that textile and non-textile                                                    content standard  content standard
                  adequate remuneration, that is, at least the statutory   product components pose no threat to health.            PROTECTION OF
                  national minimum wage. Another central component                                                                 THE ENVIRONMENT
                  is the occupational safety regulations. That is how we   ADHERENCE TO THE                                        All the products of myrtle beach
                  guarantee that the occupational safety regulations of   REACH-REGULATIONS                                        and JAMES & NICHOLSON are
                  the ILO (International Labour Organisation) are met.   We assure you that when manufacturing our myrtle          produced in an environmentally
                  Child labour, forced labour or precarious jobs are not   beach products and JAMES & NICHOLSON textiles we        friendly way.                    content standard  content standard
                                                                                                                                                                     ORGANIC BLENDED
                                                                                                                                                                                 ORGANIC BLENDED
                  tolerated. Several social compliance departments in   meet the obligations of the REACH-regulations.
                  the countries of production test all the factories tho-
                  roughly and make sure that these conditions are met.

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